Valentine’s Day – A Busy Time For Floral Cloud Florists!

Floral Cloud ® Latest News  |  19 January   |   By Floral Cloud Team

February 14th – Valentine’s Day is looming closer. Traditionally this is the busiest time of year for florist worldwide. Red roses are in hot demand and in the weeks and days leading up to this busy period florist around the globe are putting in long hours of planning and organising to make sure everything is perfect on the day.

This year Interflora are using Freedom Roses are sourced from the world’s best growing regions in the mountains of Colombia. This superior quality rose is characterised by its vibrant red colour and beautiful rolling petals. Flower expert and Head of Product Development at Interflora, David Ragg explains: “The rich, volcanic soil in which Freedom roses are grown produces long, sturdy stems and large flower heads for which Freedom roses are so admired.

When cared for correctly Freedom roses also tend to have a longer shelf life than other varieties, meaning your special someone can enjoy their beautiful flowers for longer.”
Typically the Interflora collections contain the typical dozen red roses, 18 red roses, two dozen red roses and rose and lily combinations. Other stunning choices include red tulip bouquets, yellow rose, white roses and Cymbidium Orchid Arrangements.

We wish all our Floral Cloud customers a very successful Valentine’s Day and we look forward to working with you on your marketing campaigns.

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