Get Reviews For Your Floristry Business Today

Floral Cloud ® Latest News  |  19 October   |   By Floral Cloud Team

We all know that word of mouth is key to success in business. Today, that involves online reviews. Reviews attained on sites such as Google, Facebook, Trustpilot and Yelp can mean the difference between success and failure. Studies show that positive reviews lead to an average increase in sales of 18% and consumers are likely to spend 31% more because of positive reviews. We have put together a guide of our top five ways to get reviews for your floristry business.


1. Just Ask!


Customers are more likely to leave reviews when you prompt them. Remind your customers to leave reviews as much as possible. If you have regular customers in the shop ask them to leave you a review the next time they’re in! You should also share links to your review pages on your social media.


2.  Reward Your Customers For Their Reviews


Customers are more likely to give when they have an incentive, so give them that push to leave a review and offer them a reward. You could offer them a coupon for 10% off any bouquet or free chocolates with their next order.


3. Share Customer Reviews


Social media platforms are great for earning reviews, however it’s also a place where reviews can be shared.  You should share, retweet, post and pin positive reviews your customers have left. By sharing reviews this will entice previous customers to also leave reviews.


4. Respond To All Reviews You Receive


The word social is there for a reason, customers expect you to be part of the conversation. You should respond to all reviews you receive both positive and negative. When a customer see’s the business is acknowledging customer interactions they will be more inclined to leave their review.


5.  Ask Via E-mail


9 times out of 10 customers will sign up for your newsletter when placing an order – which is the perfect opportunity to ask them for their feedback. Once a month you should aim to send a newsletter to all customers from that month asking for a review. You want people to open your e-mail so ensure your subject line is strong. Throwing in a coupon for money off your next order on this newsletter would be a good incentive.

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