Frequently Asked Questions

Florists have asked us a lot of great questions over the years. We have organized those frequently asked questions about Floral Cloud® here.

Floral Cloud® will do all of that for you. Our design experts will be happy to assist in choosing the best design for your business.

There are no setup fees.

The monthly fees will depend on which package that you choose for your business and will be taken by direct debit each month. There are 3 simple packages to choose:

Floral Cloud Basic Solution €79.99+VAT/£69.99+VAT

Floral Cloud Enterprise Solution €159.99+VAT/£149.99+VAT

Floral Cloud Ultimate Sales Solution €399.99+VAT/£349.99+VAT

Your monthly fee will be taken via direct debit at the beginning of each month.

Yes and we will be happy to take care of the administration on your behalf. You will have to pay any fees to third parties in this procedure, along with your annual website hosting fee.

FloralCloud® will enter the products that you require into the site for you.

Yes you can add products of your own and set prices that suit you.

We will host your domain and organise that for you, however we do not host e-mails.

Floral Cloud® will manage your Google AdWords account for you but you pay for the advertising costs with Google.

Floral Cloud® can organise to send out newsletters to your customers. The amount of mail outs will depend on the package that you choose.

Yes, you can take payments via PayPal and all major credit cards on the site.

It is a very simple process, just let us know and we will be happy to close your account and close your site and you take your domain name and all of your customer data with you, but we hope that wouldn’t happen.

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