Floral Cloud

What We Do

Floral Cloud® is an innovative web design and marketing company that specialises in working with
local florists all over the UK and Ireland to help them grow their businesses.
Floral Cloud® empowers local florists to take back control of their customers. They do this by giving florists easy to use tools and expertise so they can take orders directly themselves.

In the current climate of declining customers and sales, it is more important than ever before for local florists to have a strong and vital presence online.
Floral Cloud® can help you achieve this by offering you cost effective web solutions, providing a quality web presence including digital marketing and social media.

Floral Cloud® is about providing florists with the best web technology and more importantly ongoing support with digital marketing.
With Floral Cloud® you can build your local brand, you can own your own customers and you can grow your business.

The Floral Cloud solution is simple:

  • Floral Cloud will provide your business with a cutting edge e-commerce website, pre-load your website with the products of your choice products of your relay organisation as well as sections with your own products for weddings, corporate work and funerals.
  • Floral Cloud will take care of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ensuring your business appears on top of Google rankings when someone is looking for flowers to be delivered in your area.
    And it doesn’t stop there…
  • Floral Cloud will create Facebook & Twitter profiles for your business and give you on-going support on how to grow your fans.
  • Floral Cloud can also manage your Adwords and online advertising, Google Analytics and a monthly digital mail out to your customers.
  • No setup fees.
  • No monthly fees.
  • No contract.
  • You only pay 9% of any purchase made by a consumer when an order is placed on your website.

It’s simple; if you don’t take an order online then you don’t pay for anything so it is in Floral Cloud®’s interest to make sure you get some business.
Floral Cloud is about an ongoing relationship with florists, it is not just about providing you with a website! Floral Cloud passionately believe that florists need to take back direct contact with their customers, it’s good for florists, it’s good for customers and it’s good for the industry.

In essence we are ‘growing together’ and this is and will remain part of Floral Cloud®’s core philosophy.

Optional Extras
Floral Cloud® also has some fabulous tools for managing your orders that can easily be added to your service.

Florist Queue Module*

This module allows you to route your orders directly to the florist in your shop. The florist can then see all of the order detail on screen, get the flower value, see an image of the product, print a label with the card message and print a label with the delivery address.

Driver Module*
With this module your florist can route the order, when complete and ready for delivery to a driver queue. Your driver can then see what is ready to pick up and deliver back in the store. Your driver can see this information from anywhere with either an ipad, ipad mini, or any android phone or tablet. Your driver knows exactly what has been made up and ready for delivery and has all of the order details onscreen in order to make the delivery easier. When a delivery has been made your driver can mark the delivery as complete on their screen in real time for your customers and your store to see.

*These modules are entirely optional – you can manage without them quite easily but they are very nice to have.

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