Remaining Successful During the Busy Periods

Floral Cloud ® Latest News  |  31 October   |   By Floral Cloud Team

With Christmas and New Years so close to Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, at Floral Cloud we understand that this can be a very busy and stressful time for any florist. That is why we are here to help.

In order to remain on track not only during the peak season but also throughout the year we would recommend taking the following steps to not only drive sales and your online presence but also make your life a little easier.


Make a game plan weeks before any holiday for staffing, buying, and marketing. Remember by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

On-line Presence & Reputation Is Critical

Stay on top of your online marketing tools and ensure you are utilising them. Keep the cost down by checking your stats on Google and improving blogs with specific keywords that relate back to your business on a daily basis. Updating your social media on a daily basis proves to be beneficial as it drives customer engagement up and promotes your business in a positive light online.

Keep Your Online Costs To A Minimum

Both social media ads and Google AdWords are profitable tools if used correctly. By monitoring your ads on a daily basis you will be able to see exactly what your customers are searching for and this will allow you to tailor your ads to suit the needs of your customers.

Stay Organised

Cross check all statements, ensure your money is going into your bank account from your online payment gateway and from PayPal, strive to survive in this economic climate and negotiate new deals on old accounts like payment gateways & credit card processing acquiring banks. Ensure you are checking all invoices to be sure you are paying a reasonable price for your supplies and check each delivery to be sure you have received everything you paid for.  Mistakes happen!

Provide Quality Customer Service

By providing your customers with both order and delivery confirmation along with a user friendly site you will make your customers experience pleasant and easy resulting in reoccurring purchases. Also checking to ensure the products you are sending out are of high quality is essential. The last thing you want is a complaint due to substandard products. However in the event a complaint should arise ensure you have created an action plan for your staff so everyone feels empowered to help any unsatisfied customer.

The above are just a few points on how you can remain successful during the busy periods. By remaining organised through effective planning and having the right team behind you for support there is no reason why you should not see your sales increase. Floral Cloud are always here to help!

To see how we can help you drive your sales all year round contact us today. We will be happy to help.



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