Floral Cloud’s Top SEO Tips For Your Florist Website

Floral Cloud ® Latest News  |  21 September   |   By Floral Cloud Team

1. Make sure you have plenty of back-links to your website


One way to improve your organic ranking on Google is by increasing the number and quality of sites linking back to your website. Backlinks work wonders for your ranking as Google gives credit to websites that have a good number of QUALITY backlinks, quality being the important word. Backlinks from high ranking, high traffic sites are also great. For example: online business listings, florist magazines and newspapers.

Some sites that you should aim to be listed on include:

  • Google Places
  • Yahoo Local
  • Yelp
  • Pinterest
  • Yellow Pages
  • Bing Local
  • Yellow Pages


2.Content , Content , Content

Search engines love sites with fresh content added regularly. A blog on your site is the best way to keep your site fresh. You should ideally be looking at adding a new blog once a week . The more content you have on your site the more search engines will have to crawl and index, it also helps the search engines to gain a better understanding on what the website is about and which types of searches it should rank high for.

Your blog doesn’t have to be overly long or complicated, just something short , keyword rich and interesting.


3.Make Sure You’re On The Map

You should make sure that your business is appearing on all search engine maps. For example : Google Maps & Bing Places. The sooner you get on Google Maps , the sooner you can start to climb the rankings and show up in the Google Maps results section on the first page of Google. Once you have your Google Maps listing set up you should ask your customers for reviews so that you can get a step-up on the competition.


4.Ensure your website pages are SEO friendly

Your website needs to be search engine friendly in terms of unique page names , descriptive URLs, strong keywords, including a sitemap of all the website pages , using meta keywords, descriptions and title tags. Here at Floral Cloud we will look after all of this for you.


5.Have a fully mobile-optimised website

Our final tip is to ensure that your website is fully mobile optimised. After finally getting people to your website , don’t risk losing them because your website is too slow or difficult to navigate around. It’s a known fact that mobile browsing triumphs desktop browsing so it is imperative that your mobile site is up to scratch.


Contact us today to see how Floral Cloud can help you improve your organic ranking and give you a clean , fully mobile-optimised website –  https://goo.gl/rcXXiz

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